Tank Liners

Tank liners and water storage tanks oif the galvanised metal type are supplied by Liners Online. Just the tank liner can be ordered for existing tanks that are leaking. Using the innovative “Easifit” fixing system it is possible for you to fit the tank liner yourself, although we are happy to provide installation if required.

‘Easifit’ Tank Liner Fitting System


The “Easifit” system incorporates a reinforced rubber strip around the top of the liner wall with a double row of eyelets both to match the holes, which already exist at the top of the tank. Just align the eyelets and tank holes and pass the bolts through, then secure with a washer and nut. This system makes it very simple to fit yourself, saving on large installation fees.

Another advantage of this system is that it prevents water and debris from getting between the liner and the tank.

Matting Bag

The matting bag is pre formed to provide a protective barrier between the liner and the tank. It is fitted in the same way as the liner. Holes are punched into the top of the bag so the bolt can be slid through at the same time as the liner.

The table below will help with sizes:

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