Pond Pumps – Tips to Healthy Ecobalance

A pond can only demonstrate it’s full beauty as a feature to your garden if the ecosystem is in balance. This needs to be created and maintained using a filtration and
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system, pond plants, sunlight and pond pest control.
In rivers and streams, there are a number of forces at work that help to renew and clean water while providing nutrients to fish and plants. However, this is not the case within a pond, which is a completely closed system and therefore can’t renew itself without intervention. Pond owners therefore are responsible for imitating the natural forces found in nature to create a balanced pond ecosystem.
A well-balanced pond will include healthy fish, clear water, thriving plants, and minimal amounts of algae.
A pond pump, whether of the external or submerged type, support the filtration system and are added to move the entire volume of water every hour to two hours at the very minimum. The role of a mechanical or biological filtration system is to remove physical particles of various size from the water.
In addition, the natural balance within the pond should be self sustainable. This can be created by planting submerged plants, which mop-up nutrients in the water and provide oxygen for fish and other aquatic inhabitants. They are also a source of food for fish.
By mopping-up nutrients, submerged plants also reduce the chance of the water turning green as a result of algae growth.
The presence of algae to also affected by the amount of sunlight penetrating the water surface. Submerged plants need sunlight to grow, but at least a third of the surface should be shaded by floating aquatic plants to reduce algae growth.
Too much shade cast across the pond by external features such as trees, walls or buildings can affect the growth of pond plants.
The presence of fish in a pond is useful because they control the aquatic insect pests.
The pond pump and filtration system will circulate and purify the water.  Several things can affect a pond’s ecosystem such as dead plants, uneaten fish food, insects and waste from the creatures in pond. Hence, you should be careful about the maintenance of your pond.
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