Tailored-to-fit Liners

Box-welded pond liners are also referred to as tailored-to-fit liners. They are ideal for eliminating the folds and creases so typical of ponds where a two-dimensional liner is installed into a regular shaped pond.

Box-welded pond liners have become an increasingly popular way for Koi keepers to liner their ponds. The two primary reasons given are the aesthetics of the perfect fit into a regular shaped pond and, secondly to avoid the potential risk that folds may cause by harbouring dirt and pathogens which could affect the health of fish or quality of the pond water.

Box-welded pond liners are cut and prefabricated to the exact shape of your pond. A lay flat lip around the top edge of the liner is usually added to allow your chosen pond finishing (coping) to anchor the pond liner in place (fill pond with water to settle the pond liner in place before securing it in place with the coping stones).

How to order box-welded pond liners

Box-welded pond liner

Our box-welded pond liners service works best with formal shaped ponds such as square, rectangle, L-shaped or circular ponds with vertical sides and shelves if required.

For a quotation simply go to our Contact Us page to fill in your pond details or telephone us on 01526 399 033. We will need the length, width or the diameter and the total depth of your pond together with the size of the lip required (150mm (6”) is standard).

Box-welded pond liners are prefabricated in our factory and welded to the specified dimensions so that the finished product simply drops into the hole with a perfect fit.

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