Special Offers on Our Pond Liners

Spring special offer

Epalyn 1.00mm pond liner summer 2019 special offer

Liners Online special offer for Spring 2019 on our Epalyn 1.00 mm pond liner.

Pond Liner Kits

Standard Pond liner kits include either a Epalyn 0.75mm, Epalyn 0.85mm or PVC pond liner cut to a set size, plus a pond underlay (0.5mm Geotextile – thicker and of higher quality) cut to the same set size plus a tube of waterproof pond sealant. The pond liner kits are a great saving versus buying items individually.  The waterproofing sealant has many users and this kit offers the chance to include it in materials most needed when planning a garden pond build.

Adhesive underwater  pond sealant

  • can be applied to a wide range of different materials such as pond liners and stone,
  • solvent free,
  • easy to apply,
  • gives an instant repair to rubber Epalyn and Butyl pond liners – repair a tear in your pond liner without having to drain your pond,
  • highly effective when used to seal in a bottom-drain to your pond.
  • to apply, first clean the surface of your pond liner of all traces of grime and algae
  • non-toxic to fish and other pond inhabitants