Epalyn 0.75mm Rubber Pond Liner


A black synthetic rubber sheet, which is slightly more flexible than Butyl pond liner.

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Epalyn rubber pond liner just £7.55/m2 (£6.46 excl. VAT)

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A black synthetic sheet, which offers slightly more flexibility than Butyl pond liner and can be repaired in the same way. Epalyn, an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) can be used for all types of pond installations. Box-welded or tailored-to-fit liners can be fabricated in the same way as with Butyl.

Epalyn versus Butyl pond liners

The difference between Epalyn and Butyl pond liner is the polymer. To be called Butyl the sheet must contain more than 50% butyl polymer. The polymer is the ingredient that makes the sheet elastic. In most pond grade Butyl there is usually a percentage of EPDM polymer mixed in too. Epalyn, however is made with 100% EPDM polymer. EPDM polymer is more readily used around the world and so is generally cheaper. It has a higher specification than Butyl in 60% of tests and equal in the remaining 40%. This is the reason it is less expensive than Butyl pond liner and why it has become a more popular choice for lining ponds.

Epalyn pond liners are the ultimate product for UV resistance. The 0.85mm and 1.0mm are the same as 0.75 mm but offers added piece of mind with the extra thickness for more demanding applications.

The manufacturers guarantee is Lifetime for orders under 100 square meters and 25 years for orders over 100 square metres. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.


  • High flexibility and elongation properties
  • Superior weathering resistance
  • Low maintenance after installation

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