Agua Rainwater Butt – 190 Litre


The Agua 190 litre rainwater butt comes with an integral planter or bird bath.


The Agua 190 litre rainwater butt comes with an integral planter or bird bath. It combines the aesthetic elegance of ceramics with the longevity of modern plastics.

This excellent rainwater butt features an outlet with an attached 130cm of garden hose so you can water plants nearby with ease. The Agua water barrel also includes a nozzle with shut-off valve, over-flow spout and a corrosion proof screen-guard.

To assemble, direct your down-pipe straight into the top or attach with an optional down-pipe diverter.


  • Planter or bird bath
  • Made from high-quality plastic offering a realistic clay-look
  • Corrosion proof screen guard
  • Hook for hanging garden hose
  • Includes an overflow Spout
  • 130cm garden hose with shut-off nozzle


  • Height = 85cm
  • Width = 60cm at the widest point
  • Weight = 6 kg
  • Capacity = 190 litres

Available to order as an optional extra is a rainwater diverter for easy connection to a down pipe.

Download the Agua rainwater barrel installation manual >> aqua-rainwater-butt-instruction-manual.pdf

Planting Tips:

Small pot plants can be placed directly into the planter or you can fill the planter with soil and add plants. Before adding pot plants, line the planter with a layer of capillary matting tapering it down into the water in the barrel so that it self-waters the plants as well as helping to retain moisture.


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