Tips on Planting Above Your Garden Pond Liner

A pond is a wonderful addition to any garden. For many gardeners, a pond is a hobby  and after its construction, the next most enjoyable step of water gardening is planting out. Choosing the right spots for your aquatic plants to be positioned and lovingly installing them in their new home is a very satisfying exercise. 

Avoid the use of garden forks, spikes on sticks – you do need to be careful when planting to avoid damaging the pond liners, which could then lead to a leaking pond:

  • One of the easiest ways to introduce aquatic plants to your pond is with specialist baskets and containers.  These are generally made from plastic and enable you to contain the roots of water plants without damaging the pond liner.
  • Check the plant is free of pests. It is a good idea to rinse them in water before you put them in the pond.
  • Fill the basket with some aquatic compost and make a hole for your water plant.
  • Gently loosen the plant from its pot and transfer to the hole.
  •  Fill in around the plant and make sure it is secure.
  • Water thoroughly and then scatter a layer of gravel across the top of the compost to help keep it in place.
  • Lower the plant into the pond.

When selecting plants for your pond read the information provided for each one because some plants are very specific when it comes to the type of water they are grown in. For example, some need warm, shallow, still water while other prefer deep murky water and shade. Also be mindful that plants are multidimensional.

If you are planting around the edge of the pond look carefully for the edges or overlay of your pond liner.

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