Fish for ponds and pond liner safety

A pond liner bought from a reputable pond supplier will be safe and non-toxic to fish or any other visiting wildlife creature. EPDM is a type of synthetic rubber material which is extremely durable and is used in many applications including the lining of ponds and lakes.

This material is becoming increasingly popular because of its unique properties making it so effective in water containment. EPDM membranes are also used as a flat roofing membrane and as a window sealant. It is therefore important that when buying EPDM it is labelled for pond lining and purchased from a pond specialist. EPDM pond liners are non-toxic to fish and to the environment.

Gold fish are among the hardiest of fish and therefore most common in garden fish ponds. They come in many different colours and shapes creating a colourful and fascinating spectacle in any garden pond.

Goldfish and Orfes have a lovely temperament and therefore are a great choice. Within a short space of time living in a garden pond they become tame and can be enticed to take food from your hand. They are playful and exciting bring life to a pond versus the sluggish behaviour of Koi fish.

No matter which type of fish you choose, it is important to add aquatic plants before introducing fish to your garden pond. Fish will benefit from the additional oxygen these under water plants can provide. Plants also offer other benefits such as providing a nesting place to lay eggs and offering shelter for young fish (away from hungry parents!).


How many fish can a garden pond support?


This varies between different fish species and depends on a number of different factors:

  • the size and social behaviour of fish,
  • speed of growth,
  • amount of space they need to survive. A general calculation is that a single fish of 5cm in length needs 900cm2 of water surface to live harmoniously.

A high quality pond liner is guaranteed to give many years to your pond. EPDM or Epalyn liners don’t leach out chemicals into the ground and are proven to be non-toxic to fish. With good planning and careful construction you can create a harmonious water feature in your garden. For more information or to place an order for pond liners, contact Liners Online.

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