Tips to Garden Pond Spring Care

Ponds are a wonderful addition to any garden, however if not maintained they can become an eyesore with overgrown plants, weeds and water that is unhealthy for fish and other wildlife. Routine seasonal cleaning and maintenance are required to keep a healthy ecosystem for all inhabitants. In this article we look at essential Spring pond maintenance tips.

Spring marks the start of outdoor living and a time when your pond will begin to awaken after its winter period of dormancy. This usually happens in March or April when temperatures warm to around 10 degrees celsius and fish start becoming more active.

Spring Garden Pond Maintenance:

  • Examine your pond for any damage, including tears in the pond liner that will need to be repaired as well as to clean it off any accumulated debris.
  • This is the best time for establishing plants and introducing fish. Consider adding new floating and submerged plants. Aquatic plants add many benefits to a pond including their aesthetic appeal. They add nutrients and oxygen to the water as well as providing shade and shelter for fish.
  • If you added a deicer during winter – now is the time to remove, dry and store away.
  • Lift your pond pump from the water to clean it externally and internally and make sure it is in good working condition – if not fix and replace parts as required.
  • Fish start to come out of a period of dormancy in spring. During this time they are low in important nutrients and as a result are more vulnerable to disease. To keep fish disease to a minimum, clear the bottom of the pond of debris and treat the water. Use a pond-vac to suck-up deposits and dispose of them. If not removed this sludge will start to decompose as warmth brings increased bacterial activity. Healthy water means a healthy ecosystem, which will help fish.
  • Check your pond water quality and treat if required.
  • Start feeding fish a wheat-germ based diet.
  • As pond water temperatures rise, fish will tend to come near the surface.  If your pond is vulnerable to visiting predators feeding off your fish, now is a good time to add a pond protector.

This is a great time to be outdoors to assist your garden pond out of a state of dormancy into an active, healthy spring and summer. If you are concerned about predators visiting your pond, order a PondGuard pond protector from our online store and add to your pond before the temperatures start to climb.

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