Adding pumps and lighting to ponds

When building a pond in your garden, you have the ideal opportunity to be creative and bring in a lot of different effects to your garden. This usually involves the types of plants you choose as a backdrop to your pond and the use of technology by way of adding a pond pump, fountain pump and lighting.

All things are possible provided you adhere to a few basic guidelines:

  • Make sure you buy a pond pump model that will be able to cope with the volume of water it is expected to pump every one to two hours.
  • Make sure all wiring is properly insulated and protected from water.
  • Once nstalled cover the ground over where the wiring has been laid to add extra protection. It is advisable to cover-over in such a way you are not likely to dig a spade or fork through it, so use paving stones or pebbles to protect the wiring from inadvertently being dug up.

Fountain pumps also come in different sizes according to the output required to push water to variable heights. They are common in formal gardens but can look equally effective in less formal ponds too. However, they don’t look appropriate in gardens built to look natural (technology and nature aren’t in harmony in wildlife garden ponds). The reason is also based on the fact that animals don’t like the continual spray and movement of water. Water lily flowers often fail to open if there is a continual spray of water as they think it is raining all the time.

When installing a pond pump always do so on a firm base, and not directly onto the pond bed. This stops the mechanism getting dirty and clogged-up. It also leaves the water at the bottom undisturbed and keeps water movement to a minimum, which is good for maintaining the ecology of the pond.

The advance in technology has meant that solar and battery powered lighting can be place at strategic places around your pond without the need for an electrical power point and water proofing wiring. The amount of light generated will depend on the amount of sunlight received.

Enjoy creating your pond! If you are just starting your project, visit Liners Online website to use their pond liner size and price calculator to make sure you order the exact dimensions for your pond. Pond and fountain pumps are also available to order.

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