How to prepare your garden pond for Spring

Spring is such a vibrant season. We feel so happy and energized when gardens start to fill with the multiple colours of blossoms and daffodils. As the temperatures start to warm, creatures who hibernate over winter begin to awaken and so too does life in a garden pond. There are things pond owners can do to make this period as stress free for wildlife as possible. For pond owners it is a busy time un-winterising the garden and pond in preparation for Summer so that we can enjoy the sheer beauty they offer during the forth coming months.


In the early spring, a ponds ecosystem is in a fragile state with growing demands on oxygen supplies as fish become more active and the water gets warmer. To help plan your spring garden pond requirements, here are a few important tasks that require attention.


Spring garden pond maintenance:


  1. Start feeding your fish again.
  2. If there has been an accumulation of leaves and other debris over the winter you should remove this sludge now. Organic matter left in the pond will start to break down as bacteria become more active. Decomposition will cause pH levels to drop and increase nutrient levels in the water – which algae thrive on. You can use a skimmer net or pond vacuum to remove debris from the bottom of the pond. Whatever method you use, be careful not to remove or interfere with frogspawn. If you need to scrap debris off the bottom you also need to be careful not to damage the pond liner.
  3. Water evaporates on windy and when the temperatures are high. It is important that you maintain the water levels by topping-up with water – preferably filtered from a rainwater butt as tap water carries higher levels of nutrients, which may affect the ecosystem.
  4. Carefully remove your pond pump to check that it is in good working condition and remove any debris that may have got into the pumps mechanics.
  5. If your pond is looking sparse, this is a good time to add a few aquatic plants. The aim should be for plant foliage to cover a third of the water surface. Plant a combination of floating aquatics, submerged oxygenating plants and water lilies, along with marginal plants grown in the shallow water around the edges.


There is nothing more pleasing than a well-maintained water feature. A garden pond offers sound, movement, reflections, and a place to grow aquatic plants. But ignore your pond and it will become a muddy, weed-infested ‘eye-sore’.


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