Why you should choose a box-welded pond liner for your formal pond

Investing in a box-welded pond liner for your vertically side fish pond could be the solution to all the troubles that come along with having an improperly fitted,
flat-sheet pond liner. By opting for a correctly fitted liner, you can improve the quality of your pond water, extend the life of your fish and get rid of a host of maintenance woes – all with one easy purchase.

The purpose of a pond liner is mainly water retention, as the material is installed to create an impermeable membrane between the water and the earth. If a liner does not properly fit the size and shape of the pond, there are a host of issues that could result, including leakages and water quality problems due to bacteria breeding in the folds and creases of the pond liner.

Practical benefits of a box-welded pond liner

  • Perfect fit. When you choose a box-welded pond liner, you are guaranteed that the liner is cut and welded to fit the exact size and shape of your pond.
  • Easy maintenance. By having a pond liner that fits snugly into your pond, you will find that cleaning is a lot easier. This type of liner also allows for the installation of drains and other features.
  • Custom design. Although box-welded pond liners come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for vertically sided ponds, a box-welded pond liner can be custom made to fit designs other than round, square or rectangular.
  • Cost effective. Installing a liner prefabricated in the factory from Epalyn (EPDM) and welded to a specified shape so that it fits in a pond easily and neatly is less expensive than fitting a prefabricated liner both on the initial installation costs as well as in the long run, as you will benefit from guaranteed durability and strength as well as a higher tolerance for UV rays and extreme weather conditions.
  • Water quality. By eliminating folds, creases and dead spots in your pond liner, you will eliminate breeding areas for bacteria that could ultimately damage the quality of your water and affect the health of the fish residing in your pond.

At Liners Online, we will provide you with tailored box-welded pond liner designed specifically according to the dimensions provided. Our pond liners are made from a durable liner material, Epalyn which is well known for offering flexibility,withstanding extreme temperature fluctuations, UV radiation resistant and non-toxic the wildlife.

For a variety of garden products and bespoke box-welded pond liners designed to stand the test of time, Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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