Add a fountain pump to pond

Any pond, large or small, can benefit from having a fountain. Most fountains are fitted to add a whole new dimension to a pond by bringing the elements of air and water together as water is forced upwards to fall back down again creating visual interest and sound effects. Fountain pumps with a wide range of fountainheads and outlets are available to create various effects and features from simple jets to foaming water pouring over a bolder and more sophisticated sculptural pieces.

A fountain will always draw attention so it is important to locate it in an appropriate position and choose a feature that will suit the style of your garden. The position you choose can either be that you set the fountain into the pond or mounted on the side to spill into the water.

Installing a fountain pump will not only beautify your pond, but also promote a healthy aquatic environment through the oxygen transfer and water circulation that is produced as the cascading water returns to the pond. A lack of oxygen in a pond promotes foul odors, algae growth and is a cause of stagnant vegetation growth.

The addition of a fountain needs to be part of the pond planning and construction process rather than as an after thought. A fountain pump needs an electricity supply to function. You will also need to maintain your fountain pump, so consider this when installing your fountain. If you have a small pond then it is easiest to put the pump in the middle with the fountain jet directly above it. However, in a large pond, it is worth putting the pump at the edge (ideally under an overhanging) and having a flexible plastic pipe connecting the pump to the fountain jet in the middle of the pond.

The pump needs to be raised up from the floor of the pond to reduce the amount of debris sucked in, and to ensure the fountainhead is just clear of the water. Use an upturned terracotta pot or slabs to get the right height (you may need to tie small pumps on). Most pumps have a pre-filter supplied to prevent debris getting sucked in. This will need cleaning every so often.

If you decide to include a statue or sculpture, find out if it has a brass fountain jet incorporated. If it does, then all you need is a length of flexible plastic pipe plus a hose connector to join it to the pump.

Installing a fountain pump in a small garden pond is not difficult and will add a huge amount of character to your garden.

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