Creative ideas with a pond liner and bath tub

A great way to get creative landscaping ideas is to  visit gardens and outdoor places. A place we recently visited was Butterfly World in St Albans and was amazed at the beauty of the gardens – in particular the creative ideas of the small individual gardens. One of which included a pond about a meter deep, lined with a pond liner and had an old Victorian style bath tub placed in the centre of the pond. Inside the bath was water and a silver ball. The plants in and around the pond have been carefully selected to encourage wildlife to the area particularly that of bees, butterflies and other insect life.

The inclusion of pond plants has helped to create a beautiful pond appearance and given this water feature an amazing finish. Bog plants or marginals planted include cattails, cannas and grasses. Bog plants grow well in the shallower areas of a pond or water garden from two to twelve inches of water depending on size and type. Bog plants do well in the moist conditions and boggy areas around the rim of a pond. The plants around this pond creation blend in well with its surroundings.

If you are keen on creating an unusual water feature for your garden remember to add in plants. Pond plants are an essential part of pond upkeep. If you do not have plants in your pond, you will have an abundance of algae. Plants and algae compete for the nutrients in the water. Plants are not only great to look at, but they will actually help you maintain a healthy looking water feature with little ongoing maintenance required.

When adding any type of object to your pond such as a bath tub, boulders or statue that it is advisable to protect your pond liner from  damage by laying down a protective underlay between liner and object.

Need a pond liner and protective underlay to get you started on a pond for your garden? Contact Liners Online – our pond liner calculator will ensure you order the exact dimensions required.

We would love to hear about your creative pond or water feature ideas.

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