Fountain Pumps and Pond Pumps

A pond pump is known as the heartbeat of a garden pond. The function of a pump is to move water, provide aeration and to be the center of a filtration system.  If you have a waterfall, you need to know how far a pond pump will need to push water uphill for it to spill back down appropriately.

To know what size pump to buy, you need to know how many gallons per minute will need to be pumped to push the correct amount of water, expressed as gpm (gallons per minute).  If you are going to use a decorative nozzle to shoot water up instead of a spillway, look on the nozzle package for specifics on what pond pump to get.

If your garden pond plan includes the creation of a waterfall, you will need to read the product specifications for each fountain pump model, taking particular note of the flow rate and maximum lift rate, before choosing a pond fountain pump.  The maximum lift or ‘head rate’ is basically how far the pump can push water straight up.  This is the data you will need to choose the best pump for your purposes.

Submersible pumps are the most commonly used because they are easy to install and they are very efficient. Please visit our Liners Online website for pond and fountain pump specifications for each of the models we stock. The chart below gives a break-down of pond pump price comparisons. The Pieces Intrepid pond pump model is the least expensive on the market.

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