Tips on garden pond lighting installation

Lighting can add stunning night-time splendor to any pond and the features it shines upon. Lighting can be added externally or to the inside of the pond attached to a pond pump or free-floating. If located appropriately, they will enhance the design and style of any pond. Placed strategically on the outside a pond, they will highlight plants and objects placed on the banks or surrounding landscape.

As you are well aware, electricity and water don’t make for safe partners but with modern wiring circuits using transformers and low voltage cables ensure that there is no danger to humans or fish. But, before adding lighting to your pond it is highly advisable to follow manufactures installation instructions closely. If installed correctly there is no reason why pond lighting as well as lights installed in the garden or around the pond edges can’ t be permanent and a safe feature. Nowadays we have the added choice of solar energy versus sourcing electricity from the house or garage. The efficiency of solar power  will depend on location and how much sunlight your garden receives on average. There are some makes which recharge even in cloudy conditions so do check with the manufacture if you prefer the solar energy option. I have installed solar lighting in our garden and they consistently produce effective lightning.

Tips for in-pond lighting:

  • Buy lights from a reputable dealer
  • Follow all manufacturers instructions closely
  • Underwater lighting operates off low-voltage cable and a transformer making the combination of water and electricity safe. Under-water lights will also come fully sealed to prevent water leakage.
  • Decide where to place your lightening (should all be part of your initial pond planning and construction for optimal results and to avoid the hassle of draining water from your pond to install the lights – best effects come from those placed underneath a fountain to illuminate the water as it cascades down. Lights placed along the sides of a pond facing a central feature will also provide a dramatic effect.
  • An alternative is to add floating lights. The advantage is that you can change their positioning and resulting effects without much hassle.
  • For fountain lighting it is important to place the fountain feature and pump on a secure flat platform within the pond.
  • Pond lighting kits are available with a mechanism for attaching to a pump beneath the fountain head.
  • Although external lighting is often added after pond construction completed, it is important to include it as part of the planning phase so that all the correct cabling and waterproof sockets are installed during the building process.
  • Always add purpose made outdoor lighting only and follow same guidance as with pond lighting.
  • Use waterproof connectors and plugs.
  • Use a kit that includes a transformer – this will ensure the electrical power into the garden is reduced to a safe level.

Installing a pond with pond liner, water features, plants and lighting can all work harmoniously to create a stunning effect in any garden.

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