Pond liner installed to a complex pond design

Sharing this review kindly sent to us by one of our customers is testimony that we don’t just sell a pond liner or product, but also our knowledge and expertise to help and advise. We will work with you on your pond design to tailor a pond liner to fit to exact dimensions. Whether you want a flat sheet pond liner or one that is welded to a formal ornamental pond design to fit ‘like-a-glove’ without any folds or creases.

A review sent to us by a customer to whom we supplied the Geotextile underlay and 1.00mm Epalyn pond liner for his unusually shaped garden pond – “I explained my proposal for an odd-shaped liner, and the team at Liners Online came back with several options, which we refined to to a cost-effective, but still complicated shape. The order was delivered only 3 days later, as promised, and is obviously an excellent product with which I am totally satisfied. I would recommend this company to any pond-builder.”Chris Yarrow of East Sussex.

For this pond liner order we took a sheet of Epalyn rubber and cut it to the required lengths before vulcanising them together to form the finished pond liner. The flexibility of a pond liner allows the freedom to design a pond that suits individual requirements without any restrictions imposed. Just dig your pond the shape you require and contact us and we will advise you on the best size and material for your pond. All rubber pond liners come with a long-term warranty for added peace of mind.

Here are photographs Chris shared showing the underlay installed and secured in place using old bricks while they got to work to lay down the pond liner.  The second photograph shows it filling with water. We have been promised a few photos of the end result once completed in a few weeks time once the edging has been laid to secure the liners in place. Work in progress and we can’t wait to see the end result!

Laying the pond liner and the early stage of filing the pondLaying the pond liner and the early stage of filing the pond