Box-welded pond liners customised to customer requirements

Box-welded pond liners are better suited to some pond builds especially regular shaped ones where a 2-dimensional pond liner installation will result in unsightly folds and creases. A box-welded pond liner is cut and fabricated or hot bond welded to the dimensions and design submitted by the customer. An overlay lip is included upon which flagstone or other edging material can be placed to secure the box-welded liner in place. The pond liner is then slipped into the pond dug-out – and above a sheet of Geotextile protective underlay liner. The result is a perfect fit to a formal pond.

Vertically sided ponds create a splendid feature in any garden and are often home to Koi-fish. Liners Online have the expertise to cater for ponds from simple designs to more complicated ones – including those with planting shelves, sloping bases, uneven depths or a haunched base to fit a bottom drain. For very sophisticated designs, the box-welded pond liner can be welded onsite.

Box-welded pond liners are also referred to as custom-made, tailored-to-fit, bespoke or made-to-measure liners. Butyl and Epalyn (EPDM) pond liners are a synthetic rubber material from which a box-welded liner is made. To assist in providing a box welded pond liner, a drawing is needed showing all the dimensions.

Box-welded pond liners fabricated from rubber pond liners

  • gives a relaxed fit with no stretching
  • UV resistant
  • made-to-measure from simple shapes to intricate designs can all be catered for
  • gives a neat and professional finish (eliminates creases and folds which have the potential for harbouring debris)
  • tear resistant
  • certified non-toxic to fish or other aquatic life
  • comes with a 25 year guarantee provided it is installed above a protective underlay

Box-welded pond liners made for customers

Here are just some of the formal pond designs for which we have fabricated and supplied the pond liner:

Box-welded pond liner fabricated for this customers pond Rectangular pond with vertical sides fitted with a box-welded pond linerFitting a box-welded pond linerFormal garden pond with box-welded pond liner installed to give a neat crease-free finish

Raised pond lined with box-welded pond liners

Box-welded pond liners not limited by pond design