Why a compost bin is a good investment for gardens

Compost bins are a neat and easy way to turn waste into a nutrient rich fertilizer. Composting is a valuable process by which life is given back to the soil. Compost is decomposed material made from waste that other wise would have gone to landfill. Green leaves, fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, fresh grass clippings, tea bags, used coffee granules, cardboard egg boxes and twigs can all be thrown into a compost bin.

Advantages of investing in a compost bin

  • saves money on buying chemical-based fertilizers
  • compost will enhance the quality and texture of soil by improving its ability to hold moisture and nutrients
  • compost produced and fed into the ground will improve the texture of clay and sandy soil by making them more loamy and increasing the ability to hold water for longer
  • compost improves soil aeration and drainage
  • dig compost into flower beds to control weeds
  • reduces landfill – garden and kitchen waste sent to landfill and start to decompose in the absence of oxygen. The result is methane gas released into the environment – a by-product that contributes to global warming

The composting process can be speeded up by regularly aerating it. This is done by turning and mixing the content of the compost bin once a week. When it looks, feels and smells like rich dark soil then you know it is ready to dig into the ground.

A tumbling compost bin will make home composting easier – you won’t need to get out your gardening fork to mix and turn the compost. With all the benefits as listed above, why not invest in a product that will help simplify the home composting process?

Benefits of a tumbling compost bin 

When mTumbling compost binaking your own compost, it is important to remember that aeration is vital for the organic matter to break down properly. So, when comparing a standing compost bin to a tumbling compost bin, there are a few factors you need to consider. Firstly, a tumbling compost bin does exactly what its names states – it tumbles – and the rotating function is what ensures that the organic waste gets the aeration it needs to decompose and produce high quality compost. If you use a standing bin, you would need to aerate the compost yourself with a shovel or garden pick. This process is not as effective and it means more effort for you and may ultimately cause damage to the bin itself as well. The second point to consider is the strength and durability of the bin. A tumbling compost bin is made of stronger heavy-duty materials as it is designed to support the full load of the compost.

Finally, we need to consider convenience. Working with compost can be a messy and smelly job. A tumbling compost bin empties from the top and is mobile, meaning you simply have to wheel it over to where the compost is needed and tip it over to access the contents. Standing bins, which empty from the bottom, are immobile and therefore require a lot more hands-on participation.

By recycling your organic waste as compost at home, you are making a significant impact on the environment – and you will enjoy the benefits in your own garden by nourishing your plants with all the essential nutrients and minerals they need. At Liners Online, we are committed to environmentally friendly practises and sell a range of garden related products – from pond liners to solar lighting and tumbling compost bins . So contact us today and get composting!