Tumbling Compost Bin


The tumbling action of the Tumbleweed Compost Maker requires minimal effort to keep the decomposition process working.

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Fill this tumbling compost bin with the required materials and tumble every two or three days. Air and moisture are evenly distributed by the tumble action, creating ideal conditions for rapid decomposition. There is a stainless steel bar which runs through the centre of the drum to assist with the mixing of the contents. Vented lids at each end maintain aeration within the compost maker.

Description of the tumbling compost bin:

  • Symmetrical design for easy tumbling action
  • Vented lids each end to allow easy filling and emptying
  • Stainless steel central breaker bar to assist in mixing
  • Free standing bin means vermin are eliminated
  • Valuable nutrients retained in the bin and can’t leach into the ground
  • No complicating layering techniques required
  • No back-breaking forking required to turn the compost
  • Mulch produced in weeks rather than months

The Tumbleweed Compost Maker details:

  • Height = 117 cm
  • Width = 165 cm
  • Depth = 85 cm
  • Weight = 10 kg
  • Capacity = 220 litres

Tumbling compost bins are designed to be rotated regularly. This then mixers the materials thoroughly, allowing them to decompose faster.

220L Tumbleweed Composter has a
centrally mounted stainless steel breaker bar for ensuring a speedy composting process.

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