Geotextile Protective Underlay


Recommended for all pond liner installations. Offers tough rot resistant protection.

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Pond underlay price per square m : £1.25 (£1.04 excl. VAT)

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Geotextile 250gm grey protective pond underlay is a mechanically bonded polypropylene needle punched material. A high performing, tough underlay compared to some brands available on the market. It is used to protect your pond liner from being punctured by sharp stones, rocks, roots and other soil debris. Geotextile underlay also acts as an escape route for any gasses that may build up under a pond liner. When garden pond liners are covered with soil, gravel, rocks or concrete, our protective underlay should be used both above and below the pond liner. Geotextile is recommended for all pond liner installations. We guarantee all our pond liners when used with this protective liner. Geotextile is supplied in rolls of 2 metre widths.

Features of Geotextile pond underlay:

  • Remains unaffected by extreme weather conditions
  • Rot resistant
  • Easy to install

Building a garden pond and need a pond or a fountain pond pump. Save on postage by adding a pond pump and waterproof sealant to your pond liner and pond underlay order.


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