Why Butyl pond liner is still a popular choice?

Butyl pond liner is a synthetic rubber sheet that has been used to line ponds of all shapes and sizes. It has been the preferred liner of choice for the past four to five decades displaying great longevity. Despite other less expensive pond liners coming to market, Butyl is still proving to be a popular choice. We explore reasons that have made this one of the most successful choices for water containment.

When choosing a pond liner, a key feature is how it stands up to a wide range of weather conditions and to ground movement. Weather conditions in todays times with global warming affecting climate change is very important. Butyl pond liner stays stable in both very warm and cold weather.

Butyl liners are available in different thicknesses. The 0.75mm thickness is ideal for flat sheet liner installations, whereas the 1.0mm is the preferred choice for box-welded liners. Sheets of liner can also be welded together on site for more complex pond shapes and for large pond builds.

Key features of Butyl

  • Highly flexible accommodating all pond designs and ground movement
  • Durable and offers an excellent balance between durability and flexibility
  • UV resistant so it remains stable in wide range of temperatures without showing signs of contraction or expansion
  • Readily fabricated into 3-D box-welded pond liners
  • Superior physical characteristics
  • Conforms readily to the contours of the pond shape

With all these outstanding attributes, it is highly recommended to use of a geotextile underlay to line the bottom of a pond before installing the pond liner. The underlay will add extra long-term protection against roots and sharp stones puncturing the liner. Over time ground movement pushes stones towards the ground surface hence the reason to protect.

Butyl pond liner on the role

Although Butyl is a slightly more expensive choice, it is still chosen by landscapers due to its high specifications thereby reducing the risk of damage. We have had reports from customers who installed their pond liner about 40 years ago and it is still holding water successfully!