Solar Security Light


Solar security
lights have become increasingly popular as electricity prices increase
and with growing pressure to lower our impact on the environment.

Solar lights give off a surpringly bright light, they are easy to install and there are no operating costs.

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  • P.I.R (Passive Infra Red) – the motion sensor switches lights on when movement is detected within its range.
  • Black colour
  • On/off switch
  • Ideal for security lighting outside houses, garages and sheds
  • Provides bright light and enhances security around the house and garden
  • 1 x white LED stays on for 30 seconds when triggered by the PIR during darkness
  • Light can stay on for up to 8hrs on a full charge (depending on number of times PIR triggered)
  • Detection range up to 8-10m at an angle of 120°
  • Lamp swivels back and forth to allow you to direct the light
  • 1.9m cable between light and solar panel
  • Replaceable rechargeable Lithium battery (supplied) 1 x 14500
  • No wiring required

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