Premium rubber pond liner repair kit


The premium pond liner repair kit contains all you need to get the job done to a professional standard.



This premium pond liner repair kit contains all you need to repair small holes and tears in garden pond liners.

The Pond Repair Kit contains the following items:

  • 150mm x 150mm adhesive patch
  • 80ml tube of repair sealant
  • Roller
  • Gloves
  • Full instructions

Rubber pond liners, Epalyn and Butyl are durable and last for many years when installed above a protective underlay. However, accidental damage from the claws of a visiting animal or a dislodged rock, for example, may result in a small hole or tear. Should this happen, the repair to a rubber pond liner is possible with a good outcome that will last if applied correctly.

How to use your pond liner repair kit

  • Clean the surface of your pond liner, removing all traces of grime and algae
  • Cut the patch big enough to have at least 30mm all the way around the outside of the hole
  • Place the patch over the hole and use the roller to firmly press the patch onto the pond liner until the glue can be seen seeping around the edge of the patch
  • The roller will push out any air bubbles and fully seal the patch to the pond liner for a flush finish
  • Apply the waterproof repair sealant all around the edge of the pond liner patch and smooth using your finger while wearing the glove. This will stop the water pushing against the edge of the patch and slowly trying to lift it up.

Repairing a pond liner is a messy job so wear the gloves we have included in the kit to save your hands!

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