Practical tips to sustainable gardening and pond maintenance

According to an article published on the UK Government website in January 2020, British households are responsible for 25% of total carbon emissions. This makes them one of the biggest contributors to UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. In the interest of this article we are going to look at a few practical tips on how we can make changes to the way we garden and care for our outdoor space in a more responsible way. Every little step we take will help reverse the changes to the state of the environment.

Garden in a manner that will cause little or no harm to nature and will help preserve it as best as possible.

Here are a few ideas to gardening in a ‘greener’ way:

  1. Use natural methods to remove weeds from your lawn and flower beds. Avoiding the use of chemical weed killers will not only reduce adding packaging material to landfill or recycle bins, but it is kinder to micro-organisms and reduces the risk of rain run-off into your garden pond. Digging compost into flowerbeds or adding a layer of mulch will smother out weeds. Regularly digging weeds from lawn and garden beds before they seed also helps to keep those unwanted plants from taking over.
  2. Practise organic gardening as much as possible.