This is what one customer did with 0.75mm Epalyn pond liner

A flat sheet Epalyn pond liner allows for creative design flexibility and the build of ponds that blend in with the surrounding landscape. The photographs shared here were sent in by one of Liners Online customers. A viewing point has been constructed over the pond offering a marvellous creative feature to compliment the long flowing pond. The decking area offers an idyllic setting to sit, relax and soak-up the beauty of this garden pond build.

Rocks have been used to edge the pond and secure the pond liner in place. If you are planning a similar finish to your pond and are concerned about the rocks bearing down on the pond liner and puncturing it, you can line the top of the pond liner over which the rocks are to be placed, with geotextile protective underlay.

Epalyn pond liners are the ultimate product for UV resistance. The 0.85mm and 1.0mm are the same as 0.75 mm but, give added piece of mind with the extra thickness for more demanding applications. For the average garden pond build the 0.75mm thickness is ideal.

Epalyn offers high flexibility and elongation properties, superior weathering resistance, and due to it’s durability it also offers low maintenance after installation.

Sharing photos of a pond during construction and as a finished product, helps others to draw inspiration from it’s unique qualities. Hence why we are so grateful to able to share photos sent to us by customers.

Epalyn 0.75mm pond liner supplied to customer and this is the pond he created

Epalyn 0.75mm pond liner supplied to customer and this is the pond he created