Grab a bargain on a quality pond liner

Building a pond is an exciting project for any keen gardener or fish enthusiast. Two important initial decisions to be made are deciding on the shape and size of pond to fit an appropriate location in your garden. Once you have mapped out your pond on the ground and started excavating, the next step is deciding what pond liner will offer your pond the best water containment.

Pond lining options are bespoke box-welded pond liners, flexible sheet liners or a rigid preformed liner. Each has it’s pros and cons. A box-welded pond liner is fabricated in a factory to the exact pond dimensions of formal vertically sided pond designs. If you plan on building a small pond on a budget then a PVC pond liner will do the job. A rigid preformed pond liner limits creative designs and scope to add on to your initial pond build. Rubber pond liners such as Butyl and Epalyn offer longevity, flexibility and excellent durability.

Sold under many different brand names, EPDM is a pond liner with very high quality specifications. Liners Online sell EPDM under the name, Epalyn and is available in three different thicknesses; 0.75mm, 0.85mm and 1.0mm.

Epalyn is slightly more flexible than Butyl rubber pond liners which have dominated the market for many years. It moulds into the contours of ponds of any shape or size. Synthetic rubber pond liners are environmentally friendly and won’t affect pond life.

Features of Epalyn pond liner

  • Fabricated in the factory or sheets welded together on site
  • Highly flexible moulding readily to the contours of pond shape
  • Very durable and resistant to UV radiation so won’t crack or go brittle
  • Withstands adverse weather conditions : -40 to +150 degrees Celsius
  • Doesn’t leach out any chemicals so safe for fish or any visiting wildlife
  • Puncture resistant

With all the outstanding features of Epalyn synthetic rubber liner, you can even grab a summer offer on the price.