Why Epalyn rubber pond liner is the best choice

Many landscapers and pond experts recommend that Autumn is a good time to build a pond so that it has time to settle before Spring – the perfect season for populating it. Materials used for lining a pond vary. These include prefabricated liners, concrete, PVC and rubber pond liners. There are a number of different pond liner materials available on the market so making the right choice for your pond may seem a little daunting. Flexible rubber pond liners are known to offer the best longevity due to their high quality and robustness. They also offer more flexibility in pond design versus a prefabricated pond.

Epalyn is a black, synthetic rubber sheet, similar in appearance to Butyl  but slightly more flexible. Epalyn does have some major physical properties, which are superior such as tear and tensile strength. Epalyn is becoming more popular in the UK now, as it can also be hot bond welded for more demanding applications. The quality of Epalyn is not reflected in the price. Epalyn pond liners are guaranteed for life up to 100sqm and 25 years on larger liners.

The Epalyn 0.85mm and 1.0mm are the same as 0.75 mm but, gives added piece of mind with the extra thickness for more demanding applications.

Rubber liners are the ultimate product for UV resistance. Although not the least expensive way of lining a pond, there is far less risk of having to repair or carry out any form of maintenance with this type of material giving you added peace of mind to the success of your pond.

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