Repairing a damaged liner

Can I repair my damaged pond liner without having to replace it?

Repair kits are available for patching damaged flexible rubber pond liners. To repair the liner, you may need to drain your pond first if the damage is near the bottom of your pond. If it is to the side of your pond, then you may just need to drain the water until the damaged area of the pond liner becomes visible.

When repairing a Butyl or Epalyn rubber liner, clean the liner with a rubber pad and clean water. Let the area dry before applying the repair material. It is not advisable to use a solvent or gasoline to clean the liner. Mastic tape (a double-sided tape) is used with off cuts of flexible pond liners to repair holes and slits creating a watertight bond.

Mastic tape is not suitable for repairs to PVC liners. For this type of liner, we suggest either keeping, or getting hold of offcuts of PVC liner and use with PVC patching glue or household adhesive, to repair a damaged PVC pond liner.

To repair a damaged rubber pond liner place an order for Mastic Tape or for Repair Strip.

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