Butyl Rubber Pond Liner Sizes and Prices

Price per m2
(including VAT) 
3.0 x 2.5 m                             £56.62                                          
3.0 X 3.5 m£79.27
4.0 x 3.0 m £90.60 
5.0 x 4.0 m£151.00
5.0 x 5.0 m
6.0 x 4.5 m £203.85
6.0 x 5. 0 m £226.50
6.0 x 6.5 m£294.45
7.0 x 5.0 m£264.25
7.5 x 6.0 m£317.09
8.0 x 8.0 m£483.20

The above table gives the cost of a Butyl pond liner by dimension. If you know the size of pond liner to order, then please visit our Butyl Pond Liner page to input the dimensions and click on the BUY Now button.

If you don’t know what size pond liner and protective pond underlay to order then use our pond liner size calculator. To do this you need to take the maximum depth, maximum length and maximum width measurements of the hole you have dug for your water feature. Type the dimensions into our pond liner calculator. The calculator will then give you the dimensions you need to order.