Photos of Pond Construction and Laying of Pond Liner

Digging our Garden Pond

Customer Graham Hunter, who bought his pond liner from us, has kindly sent in photographs to show each stage of his pond construction.
“I have started with a picture of the plot as it was when we purchased the house and then some of the ground clearance work. We dug out at least 30 tons of clay and shale with the help of a local farmer and his small digger. The area is right outside our kitchen window, just across from our patio”, says Graham.

Tips on Pond Building

The first step is to mark out your pond design. In Graham’s case this was predetermined as he dug into an area that had been previously dug for a flower bed with an edging cemented in around it. When the digging is complete, make sure that the top and floor of your pond are level, check to make sure that there are no obvious sharp stones, roots or boulders sticking out, which may damage your pond liner. You are then ready to lay a protective pond liner underlay. This underlay will help protect the liner from small stones or sharp objects. As an additional step, you can add a layer of sand to the bottom of your pond for extra protection if deemed necessary before laying the underlay liner. Please remember this step is not essential but will provide an extra level of protection for the pond liner and also help level out the pond floor.

Installing the rubber pond liner was hard work, but very rewarding. Graham is pictured lying down in his own pond catching his breath before resuming work to smooth out the pond liner along the bottom and sides of his pond.

Filling your pond is fairly straight forward but be prepared to get a bit wet (and maybe cold depending on time of year), as the best way to make sure the pond liner is positioned correctly is to get in (without shoes) while you are adding the water. First of all get the liner into you hole roughly ensuring that enough liner is available all the way around the pond edge (as seen in the above image). Now start to add the water. As the water rises a few inches get in and make sure the pond liner is positioned correctly and that it is firmly pressed into all corners.

Add the edging of your choice and cover up the edge of the pond liner. You can then also add a pond pump and filter to keep the water clear. Graham has chosen to install an external pond pump due to the size and depth of his pond.

Pond plants can then be added. Remember, when selecting plants that different aquatic plants perform different functions. The first essential type that must be added if you are keeping fish are oxygenating plants. Many other varieties of plants can be added to make your pond more attractive.

The finished pond with pond liner and edging installed

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