Add a Fountain Pump to Make a Garden Water Feature

Fountains are picturesque water features, which are generally added to a gardens landscape for both its visual appeal as well as the relaxing effect it has on body and soul. They also add oxygen to the water, which helps to maintain the ecological balance of the water and thereby maintains the wellbeing of fish or wildlife. Before you choose a fountain pond pump for your pond, you will need to decide what size pump you will need for your type of pond. A submersible pond pump with a pump rate of around 1000 litres/hour is perfect for small garden fountains.

To install the fountain pump in a small pond or water feature, it is easiest to put the pump in the middle with the fountain jet directly above it. The pump needs to be raised up from the floor of the pond to reduce the amount of debris sucked in, and to ensure the fountain head is just clear of the water. You can use an upturned terracotta pot to raise the pump from the pond floor. Remember, though, to protect your pond liner when placing an object in the pond. If you are going to use an upturned terracotta pot, it may also be helpful to secure the pump to the pot so that it doesn’t topple over. Most pumps have a pre-filter supplied to prevent debris getting sucked in. This will need cleaning every so often.

The safest option is to have a proper outdoor power socket with an RCD fitted by a qualified electrician, a waterproof plug is then fitted to the pump. If this is too expensive and the fountain will be near the house, you can plug the pump into an indoor socket. First protect the cable by pushing it through plastic conduit, then fit a normal plug. If your house does not have RCD protection then buy a plug-in RCD.

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