The benefits of green houses and merits of the Culti-Cave Grow Tent

For the keen gardener, investing in a greenhouse may be a big cost saving over the long-term relative to buying seedlings from a nursery. Growing plants, vegetables or fruit trees from seed or seedling can be hugely rewarding in an ideal situation but frustrating when variable weather conditions and garden pests destroy your efforts.  

Advantages of investing in a greenhouse

  • Extends the growing season by sowing seeds early so that they are ready to plant out as soon as the weather is warm enough. The growing period for crops can be extended late into the season.
  • Cost effective way of filling your garden with seasonal plants or harvesting your own vegetable crop.
  • Protects germinating seeds and seedlings from harsh weather conditions such as late season frost, heavy rain and strong winds.
  • Higher rate of protection from snails and other pests. There is still the risk of them entering the greenhouse through an open vent however, the risk is far less than planting out.

The disadvantages of greenhouses

  • Plants are at risk of over heating and drying out through poor ventilation or not watering often enough. Potted plants or seedlings in growing trays can dry out very quickly. Therefor, a watering schedule needs to be established or an automatic watering system needs to be put into place to prevent plants drying out.
  • When the temperatures rise above 20 degrees Celcius there is the risk of plants drying out. Doors and ventilation shutters need to be opened to allow for air to circulate sufficiently.

Which greenhouse is most suitable?

This really depends on how much space you have available, budget and what your expectations are. The bigger the greenhouse, the more space you have available to grow annuals, vegetables and fruit plants. However, they are a semi-permanent structure therefore you need to plan its location ensuring you position it where it will receive sufficient sunlight. For hobbyists wanting to do a lot of repotting and requiring space to keep bags of potting soil and gardening tools then the bigger greenhouses with aluminium frames and glass or polycarbonate panels is likely to be the better option.

If space is a premium and you only need a greenhouse for a few months of the year, then a relatively new option available is the Culti-Cave Modular Greenhouse. This is a simple and practical solution for extending your growing season. A unique feature of this modular greenhouse is that the door at the rear allows you to connect a second, third, or even fourth Culti-Cave to make it the perfect size for your garden and growing requirements.

Further advantages of a modular greenhouse is that they are portable, can be folded up and stored when not in use, is less expensive than a aluminium framed greenhouse and requires less space in the garden.

Feature and benefits of the Culti-Cave greenhouse:

  • Curved tent design creates a warm, humid growing space
  • Side panels zip down for adjustable ventilation
  • Ideal for larger plants, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beans etc
  • Mesh panel on the bottom allows for drainage
  • Sewn-inground sheet keeps out insects and other garden pests
  • Quick and easy to install. Can be wall-mounted or freestanding
  • Access from both sides, door panels zip down
  • Packs away for compact storage in the off-season – when erected it is 6.5’ long x 5.5’ tall x 2.5’ wide and folds down to a mere 21″ x 8″ x4″ for compact storage.
  • Made from tough UV-resistant plastic

Want to live a healthier life? Getting outdoors and sewing seeds to grow your own vegetables and salad greens is a great way to start. Investing in a Culti-Cave Grow Tent or modular greenhouse will provide the perfect opportunity to head start your new hobby and life-style.

Modular green house the can be moved readily