Need Help Choosing Your Pond Liner?

The most common types of liners for garden ponds are PVC and rubber pond liners such as Epalyn and Butyl. Overall, we would recommend a pond liner made of rubber, which is durable, flexible, moderately inexpensive and easy to work with because they last for decades.

Rubber liners are ideal for use in all pond installations as it moulds easily to pond contours. It is also extremely flexible and highly elastic despite its thickness.

PVC pond liners are more suited for small, basic ornamental garden ponds. However, for larger more demanding applications, rubber is more suitable.

For larger lakes and reservoirs other materials are available on request. This may require on site fabrication.

Additional care and expense must be taken to protect pond liners against punctures and stresses during and after their installation particularly if ponds are to be exposed to the use of wildlife as liners may get damaged by animal’s claws.

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Please note: If ordering our PVC pond liner, we are able to supply PVC to a maximum width of 8m. There is no limitation on PVC length. PVC is supplied on an 8m wide role hence not being able to cut a PVC pond liner wider than 8m.