Redwood Large Square Planter


Redwood large square planter ideal for planting seasonal flowers or herbs. Constructed from FSC Certified Redwood and is pre-treated.


An exquisite handcrafted large Redwood square planter ideal for planting vibrant flowers in spring and autumn. Once flowers are in full bloom, this wooden planter will make a welcoming entrance to any patio or garden.

The planter is constructed from FSC Certified Redwood and is pre-treated against rot, woodworm and surface mould. For all year round garden use, this is the perfect accessory.

This square planter comes fully assembled.

Approximate dimensions: Height: 37cm, Width: 59cm, Depth: 59cm

About the manufacture of this handcrafted square planter

British designed and handmade in Staffordshire Moorlands workshop by Riverco Trading, which is an award winning small family run business. The furniture and garden planters are all crafted from Redwood, which is highly durable and from responsibly managed forests.

All garden planters come pre-treated so for that reason they are fully protected against rot, woodworm and surface mould. The pretreatment also offers much needed nourishment. Redwood planters perfectly complement traditional English cottage style gardens where it blends into the design.

All deliveries will take up to ten working days.

Additional information

Dimensions 63 × 64 × 91 m

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