Redwood Arbour


Handcrafted arbour made from the finest FSC Certified Redwood and pre-treated to prevent rot, woodworm and surface mould.


This fabulous handcrafted arbour will certainly create a focal point in any garden.  Enjoy a shady siting place outdoors during the long glorious days of summer. Ergonomically designed to provide the upmost comfort.

The arbour is constructed from the finest FSC Certified Redwood furthermore, which is pre-treated to prevent rot, woodworm and surface mould. Outstanding moisture and insect resistance is a most noteworthy attribute of this finest grade Redwood. This means you can enjoy your furniture with the peace of mind of its origins.

A quality arbour, which is part of the RiverCo range of garden furniture and wooden planters.


Approximate dimensions: H210cm x D92cm x W150cm

About the manufacture of this Redwood Arbour

British designed and handmade in Staffordshire Moorlands workshop by Riverco Trading, which is an award winning small family run business. The furniture and garden planters are all crafted from Redwood, which is highly durable and from responsibly managed forests.

All garden furniture including this arbour comes pre-treated. This treatment provides protection from rot, woodworm and surface mould also offering much needed nourishment. The timber furniture perfectly complements a more traditional English cottage style of garden where it blends into the design.

Additional information

Dimensions 63 × 64 × 91 m

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