Pond Vac


Removes dirt and debris in minutes.

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Keep your pond crystal clear with the Tornado Pondvac™ 


This clever British invention attaches to your garden hose and the water pressure creates a venturi effect, which sucks up any dirt and debris. The debris collects in a re-useable muslin bag, allowing the clean water to pass through. The pond debris makes useful garden fertiliser. The brush attachment has special rollers which glide easily over the pond bottom, gently removing the dirt whilst protecting pond life and fish. 


The Tornado Pondvac™ comes complete with a lightweight telescopic aluminium handle to easily reach into the largest ponds. 3 year guarantee.


*UK Patent no. 04096087. 



  • Removes dirt and debris in minutes 
  • Attaches to garden hose 
  • Harmless to fish and pond life 
  • Telescopic lightweight aluminium handle gives reach of up to 4 feet.


Click on the image below to watch a video of the Pond Vac in action >>


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