Why a formal shaped pond needs a box welded pond liner?

A formal, ornate, symmetrically designed pond with clearly defined edges is the perfect choice for those who want a focal point in their garden. Formal ponds tend to be square, rectangular, circular or hexagonal in shape with vertical sides. They can either be built into the ground or raised. The installation of a pond liner is recommended to retain water but should ideally be fitted eliminating creases, which can easily distract attention away from the formal look. A box-welded or tailored-to-fit pond liner offers a flawless option to ensuring optimal water retention. A box-welded pond liner is fabricated to the exact size and shape of your pond, which can then quite simply be dropped in for a perfect fit.

Formal ponds take inspiration from classic architecture. They are built to a symmetrical design where perfectly straight or arched lines are used to create the shape. The following images show the symmetrical shape of a formal pond made water-tight by the installation of a box-welded or made-to-measure pond liner. A box-welded pond liner is fabricated from either Butyl or Epalyn rubber to the exact size and shape of the pond so that when installed it ‘fits like a glove’ with no folds or creases to distract from the formal, precise shape of this type of pond design.

Box welded pond liner contains the water in this rectangular garden pond

The key feature of a formal pond is the way it brings the sky and clouds down to the ground. Where a formal pond is positioned is very important to enable it to cast the perfect reflection.The edges of a formal pond are clearly defined using materials such as brick. flagstone or tiled. Edging material also serves to secure the box-welded pond liner in place.

Siting and building a formal garden pond

A formal pond needs to be sited where it is going to create the greatest visual impact and where it is going to complement the surrounding landscape. Ideally this should be in a position where it will become the focal point of the surrounding landscape. A common place is at the end of a patio or the centre of the garden. Sited so that it reflects the dramatic changes of the sky above or that of the surrounding landscape. They suit more traditional European style gardens but work equally well in modern home designs. Formal ponds can either be set in the ground, partially or completely raised above ground level. Partially raised is a better option if keeping fish because water is more likely to be kept at a stable temperature particularly during the winter months. Raised ponds are inhospitable to amphibians so ideal if you want to keep fish or unique aquatic plants. When building a raised pond ensure the walls will support the volume of water. Use concrete blocks for the inner wall and planting shelves. Many regular shaped ponds include a fountain or a statue. To include a heavy stone fountain, it may be necessary to build a concrete footing in the base of the excavation to support the weight of the fountain before installing the pond liner. Planting too many aquatic plants should be avoided because this will distract from the formal design. The beauty of a formal pond creates interest through the reflection off the water so over-planting will take that feature away. When ordering your made-to-measure pond liner – also known as a box-welded pond liner, ensure that exact measurements are taken of your perfectly geometric shaped pond. The pond liner is generally fabricated from Butyl for the following reasons:

  • Moulds readily to the pond contours
  • Considered to be a premium quality liner
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions without any compromise to the integrity of the liner
  • Safe for all fish and aquatic plant life
  • Can factory seamed to create a pond liner without creases and folds

Feeling inspired? if you are, contact Liners Online to order a made-to-measure pond liner and for any additional advise you may be searching for with regards to the build and installation.